Have you been back to Russia?

Yes,I took my Grumman HU16-C, the “Wingabeggo”, N4WT, through Eastern Siberia, stopping on the Chinese border for fuel and dropped off Russian Navigator in 1995. I have film out on that 18 month sojurn around the Pacific Rim for 18 months: BOAT IN THE SKY…

Do you need special license to fly internationally?

You can fly internationally with a US License if you are operating a US registered aircraft for personal/ business use. You have to comply with each country’s rules and regulations. English is “spoken”?? at most major or port of entry airports. Lots of red tape!!

Do you keep in touch with Rick Roessler or Viktor Smolin?

Yes, I stay in touch with “Komrad Roesslor”. One year he gave me a “souvenir” can of Russian Fish for my birthday! That was pretty much what we had to eat. Lots of canned fish!!

Do you still have the Cessna 185 you flew across Russia?

Yes, I still have the trusty Skywagon. The plane is here in Texas.

Do you have any advice for pilots wanting to fly around the world?


  1. It costs lots of money (fuel is $10 to $20 per gallon).
  2. Handling fees, permits, etc can be costly.
  3. It helps if you are at least an A&P Mechanic (U.S. Certified Airframe & Powerplant) to address mechanical issues.
  4. Foreign lubricants (oil) sometimes do not match what we use.
  5. I have been around the world twice (Cessna 185 & Grumman Flying Boat). During these trips I ran very expensive ($65 and up each, 2 per cylinder) iridium or platnium fine wire spark plugs. They do NOT foul as easy.
  6. If you have a positive personality, patience and respect for foreign peoples you will probably have a good time. Lots of memories!!