• John Proctor’s Cloud Dancer – Details on John’s amazing Cloud Dancer Biplane, from Pacific Flyter November 2004.
  • Photos – Photo gallery added with detailed pictures of John’s vintage and custom aircraft.
  • A Wandering Albatross – Warbirds Magazine, December 1996 – Article with photos on the Grumman Albatross flown around the world by John Proctor, written by Jack Morrissey
  • Interview Part One – 2019-11-29 – Interview with John Proctor, Part One. Topics include introduction to aviation, early career, balloon trip with Tracy Barnes, most memorable airplane and more, watch on YouTube.
  • Interview Part Two – 2019-11-29 – Interview with John Proctor, Part One. Topics include his 19 years flying for the San Diego Country Sheriff’s Department as a volunteer pilot doing search and rescue, and volunteer flying in Oregon state.
  • Viktor, Vodka and Raw Fish – Watch the first 10 minutes of the original film on YouTube.
  • Aztec Engineer – January 1967 – Cross Country Balloon Flight! Read about John’s early adventures in a historic effort to cross the United States in a Hot Air Balloon with hot air balloon innovator Tracy Barnes.
  • On the Road with John Proctor– Click to check out photos of John’s handsome 1929 Model A and Trailer, photographed by Daniel Draper.
  • John Proctor YouTube Channel– Click to check out John’s YouTube Channel.