2019-11-29 – Part One – Interview with John Proctor, author of “Viktor, Vodka and Raw Fish”, The Last Crossing of the U.S.S.R. Topics include introduction to aviation, early career, balloon trip with Tracy Barnes, most memorable airplane and more.

2019-11-29 – Part Two – Interview with John Proctor, speaking about his 19 years flying for the San Diego Country Sheriff’s Department as a volunteer pilot doing search and rescue, and volunteer flying in Oregon.

2019-11-29 – Part Three – Interview with John Proctor, speaking about his experience in the Civil Air Patrol, knowing your airplane, favorite aircraft, and the importance of situational awareness

2019-11-29 – Part Four – Interview with John Proctor, speaking about growing up in rural Jamul, California, and attending a one room school house. Also about his father, inventor Albert Proctor.

2019-11-29 – Part Five – Interview with John Proctor, Part Five. In this short closing video, John Proctor, a stage four cancer survivor, shares his thoughts on how to face life’s many challenges