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THE BOAT IN THE SKY—The ultimate traveling machine – a Grumman Albatross. Designed in 1944, this antique 30,000 pound ex-U.S. Navy flying boat was converted to a modern yacht. The voyage ranged from ice-filled lakes above the Arctic Circle to the chilly waters of the Tasman Sea, covered 14 months, 35,000 miles, and 12 countries.

Grumman Albatross Taking Off
Grumman Albatross – Piloted by John M. Proctor

No ordinary yacht can take off and land in pristine high mountain lakes or landlocked South Pacific lagoons. Join pilots and SCUBA divers Joyce and John Proctor as they travel to exotic lands and seas, such as Siberia and South Pacific cannibal islands, in search of old flying boat bases. 1 hour VIDEO in stereo – $29.95. Available in English or Espanol.*

Book Cover, Recipes from the Flying Kitchen - By Joyce Proctor
Recipes from the Flying Kitchen – By Joyce Proctor

RECIPES FROM THE FLYING KITCHEN—Tells the story of the adventures of John and Joyce Proctor’s 14 month flight of the Albatross, an antique 30,000 pound flying boat. Full of colored photographs and Joyce’s recipes, including those collected while travelling through twelve countries.
The Albatross was transformed into the Proctor’s home, the equivalent of a 60 foot yacht, including a fully equipped gourmet kitchen, the only one of it’s kind in the world. Relive the excitement, the challenges, the disappointments and the rewards when taking on the dream of a lifetime. 200+ page BOOK, full of color photos – $29.95.*

Cover, Viktor, Vodka and Raw Fish - by John M. Proctor
Viktor, Vodka and Raw Fish – by John M. Proctor

VIKTOR, VODKA, AND RAW FISH—On August 19, 1991, the world watched in awe as the Soviet Union was rocked by a coup d’etat that would change the face of Eastern Europe forever. And just as the Communist era was ending, an American-owned Cessna left Soviet airspace after a flight across Russia to promote international aviation friendship. This captivating tale is told in John Proctor’s book and captured on video, produced by cinematographer/pilot Rick Roessler. Due to the adverse conditions of the trip, of the six pilots that began (including famed Russian acrobatic champion Viktor Smolin) John Proctor was the only one who flew the entire route around the world, spending 32 days in Russian airspace. 89 minute VIDEO in stereo – $19.95. 300 page BOOK with 32 color photos – $19.95.*

*Note: These items are no longer for sale. This is a reproduction of a promotional “2-sheet” advertising the books and DVD.

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