Do you have any advice for pilots wanting to fly around the world?


  1. It costs lots of money (fuel is $10 to $20 per gallon).
  2. Handling fees, permits, etc can be costly.
  3. It helps if you are at least an A&P Mechanic (U.S. Certified Airframe & Powerplant) to address mechanical issues.
  4. Foreign lubricants (oil) sometimes do not match what we use.
  5. I have been around the world twice (Cessna 185 & Grumman Flying Boat). During these trips I ran very expensive ($65 and up each, 2 per cylinder) iridium or platnium fine wire spark plugs. They do NOT foul as easy.
  6. If you have a positive personality, patience and respect for foreign peoples you will probably have a good time. Lots of memories!!